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N2 Search Features

While documents are increasing in the office every day, it is very important to find the appropriate documents for every one. N2 Search provides the function to find them properly with scalability and stability.

N2 Search is Enterprise Search Solution using for the following purposes.

  • Search for documents, for example, MS Office and PDF in file servers.
  • Search for data in the database of business systems.
  • Search with the authentication information of Active Directory.
  • Adding Search function to the existing EC site with Ajax.

N2 Search Functions

Running on various OSs

N2 Search is a web application base with Java. N2 Search runs on any OS on which Java runs.

Using elasticsearch which has a lot of reference sites

N2 Search uses elasticsearch which has a lot of reference sites in the world and realizes stable search function. elasticsearch has the reference which handles more than 100 million documents and N2 Search can handle.

Crawling in Web site, File System or Database

N2 search crawls documentations in Web site (http://- or https://-), Sharing folders in Windows, File System like as NFS and Database. Target documents are HTML, TEXT, MS Office, PDF and zip files.

High presentation abilities of search results

Various search conditions are able to be added. N2 Search handles string type and integer type. Because N2 Search is able to hold and search data which depends on the purposes, search results are presented by usage scene.

Excellent solution for EC site

The search results are abele to be presented by order of popularities, new arrivals, prices and so on. With using Ajax function of N2 Search, the logic of the existing EC site is not necessary to be changed in order to use high functional search. As the optional functions, the search results are presented by categories or recommendations.

Search by the location information

The search results are presented by the location information (latitude, longitude). The search considering to shop information and area information are able.

Adaptation to smartphones

Using Responsive Web Design the search results are presented properly on smartphones.

Search with the authentication information

The search result are presented by the authentication information of users. For example, user A who belongs to the sales department can get the search results which belong to sales department. User B who does not belong to the sales department can not get them. Using this function the search results by departments or roles are presented.

Cost reduction

Using Open Source Software, the search solution is provided with low cost.

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